Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Purse Post!

Hello everyone! I have something different for you in this post, no nail polish. OMG. My friend Jen at Jen's Wonderland has done a couple of posts on her purses and what's in them (you can find her latest HERE). I really enjoy these posts and she asked if I would do one for her so I said sure. I hope you all enjoy!

First the front and back...

I keep my keys in the two outside pockets on the front (I keep my mailbox key separate from my other keys and I keep them in separate pockets)

Are you surprised it's red?! LOL This is actually my second red purse. My other one I carried for 4 years and it's still in good shape. It is bright red, I am sure I will go back to it at some point.


The middle part has medicine and gum (I didn't get pics of those LOL) Let's look at the rest of the goodies.

Let me explain the sunglass case before you all think I am 12. LOL My Grammy gave me that (when I was a kid, like 11ish) and it still has her handwritten note inside. I cherish it, especially since she passed away in 2005, and always carry it.
The rest of the items are pretty self-explanatory. My Philosophy Amazing Grace hand cream and travel perfume (my favorite scent of all time), Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Spray and Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion, my Chanel lip gloss (I am not a big fan of lip gloss but this one is nice because it's not sticky, I still don't wear it often though), my fold-up hair brush and a travel manicure kit.

My Twilight Wallet (Team Edward OF COURSE LOL), I need to get a new, better quality wallet, I have had this one for about a year and a half and it won't close very well anymore. My Twilight coin purse, My Sally's and Ulta coupons as well as an envelope for receipts (took this idea from Jen, thanks!)

The back outside pocket contents...

And my keys. LOL

I hope you enjoyed this post! I think it was fun!


  1. Definitely a fun post! I may have to "steal" this idea at some point. Hope you don't mind :)
    Love your Twighlight stuff for sure tho!

  2. hahah too cute!! love the twilight stuff, of course!

  3. You tote around more than I do! Well, as much. ♥

  4. AHAHAH Great post Ash! I must remember to do one of this!
    I'm a bit scared! I'm the only one who carries a house in the purse? :o


  5. I love all the twilight stuff!!

  6. Lots of twilight stuff! Haha, love it! Very lovely post! I like the idea of carrying an envelope around for receipts, im always loosing mine! :)x

  7. I love posts like these, thanks for sharing! :)

  8. We need to do more purse posts!


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