Sunday, March 25, 2012

NerdLacquer Cyance Friction - Swatches and Review

Hello ladies (and gents)! I have another amazing NerdLacquer for you today. This one is my favorite of all the ones I have tried so far, well I think it is. LOL It's probably a tie between this one and All Of Time and Space. Cyance Friction is one seriously amazing polish. It is a gorgeous bluish green (I would say a dark turquoise) with an amazing purple shimmer and is packed with gold glitter in all sizes (there may even be blue glitter, it's overloading my eyes LOL).

I had a very hard time capturing the true color of this polish. The first few pictures are 2 coats without top coat (they are truest to the real color). I still had slight VNL so I added one more coat before adding Gelous and Seche Vite.

The next pics are after I added a third coat and top coat. These are NOT color accurate, the sun had gone down and indoor lighting was not being my friend. It is much more green in person, definitely more green than blue.

I really wish I could have done this polish justice, it is so much better in person. The green base with the purple shimmer is AMAZING. 

NerdLacquer can be found HERE on Etsy but is currently closed. When they open they sell out SUPER FAST so I would suggest signing up for email notifications.


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