Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Julep Natasha

I have a bright polish for you today for the beginning of Spring! I wasn't too sure how this color would look on me, what with my pale vampire skin, but I actually think it looks pretty good.

 Unfortunately I am disappointed in this polish. I don't usually have a problem with Julep's formula but this one I did. First off, I was expecting a creme and this is a jelly. Not a problem if you like jellies but I am not a big fan. I don't like a polish that I have to use a gazillion coats and I can still see nail line. But, even leaving that out of the equation, once I applied it and let it dry I got in the shower (it was thoroughly dry before I did) and when I got out I had several nails that were peeling or chipped. This is my typical routine after painting my nails so it is definitely the polish and not me. 

The color is a little off in these pics (my camera hates me, remember? LOL), the true color is more coral and not quite as orange. A deeper orange I guess would be the best way to describe it.

Please excuse the lack of cleanup and the chip on my middle finger. Most of the chipping/peeling was on my right hand and I decided I wanted to change it after I took the pictures. 

What do you think of Natasha? Do you have it, maybe mine is a bad bottle perhaps?

You can purchase Julep polishes from If you are interested in becoming a Maven click HERE to take the quiz!


  1. I'm sorry that this polish didn't work out for you. I love the jelly look to it!! :D

  2. This is such a fun color, especially for Spring and Summer. Jellies can be so tricky, but I still think the mani looks great!

  3. I just wore this polish last week and I got 3 or 4 days of no chipping out of it...I found it more sheer than I'd wanted as well. I liked the brightness of the colour though!

  4. LOVE this color :)

  5. lol my goodness that is awful. I dont say that to be mean. I'm actually thrilled bloggers post about things they don't like too! I love jellies, but Im not sure if this bright red would work out for me. Thanks for your honesty! They can't all be winners right? Have a great day ^_^


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