Monday, March 5, 2012

Haul Post....Part 1

Good morning everyone! It has been a very long time since I have done a haul post, I decided to split this one into two posts. I already had my pics ready for this one before I got my last package in the mail so I thought this would be easier. :-)

First up are two Savvy polishes I got off the clearance table at Sally's for $1.99 each and 1/2 of my Zoya Valentine's Day promotion. (I still haven't received my free red, there was an issue with my order but it has since been resolved.)
L-R: Savvy Chrome & Atomic Orange and Zoya Edyta

 Next up are 2 CVS deals, they had these two neons on sale for $1.79 each last week and I got the very last Sinful Colors Green Ocean at my Walgreens.
L-R: Milani Techno Red & Awesome Orange and Sinful Colors Green Ocean

 The next one is very special!! This is MY VERY FIRST  China Glaze OMG polish. I was convinced I didn't need these with all the great holos that are on the market now but after seeing this one I want the rest! LOL My friend Ashley from Smashley Sparkles found this dusty hunting and was nice enough to offer it to me! Thanks Ashley!!!
China Glaze GR8

 Next up is a NerdLacquer that I have already shown you (if you missed it you can find the post HERE). I got this in a swap with my friend Michelle from Things I Love At The Moment. I sent her a China Glaze GR8 (Ashley sent me two of them so I sent one to Michelle). Thanks Michelle!
NerdLacquer Antisocial Media

 I also placed my first NerdLacquer order the last time her Etsy shop was open. I have already shown you one of these, All Of Time and Space (if you missed it you can see it HERE) and I can't wait to try the other one!
L-R: NerdLacquer All Of Time And Space & Cyance Friction

Let's have some bottle shots, shall we....

 I received my March Julep Maven Box, I love their packaging! So fun!

March Bombshell contents:
Julep Natasha & Sofia, Moroccan Argan Oil with dropper and an emery board

 I needed some makeup from the other day and needed something to push me over the dollar amount for free shipping so, of course, I had to get another polish off my lemmimg list! LOL Can you spot the typo on the box?
It is supposed to be Baptiste, not Baptise. LOL

Illamasqua Baptiste

And lastly, I picked up two more Sinful Colors at Walgreens. I will admit I used to be a hater of this brand (I have several that I bought a few years ago and am not crazy about the formula) but have had several of my polish friends tell me that they have really improved in recent years. I trust their opinions so I decided to give them another shot.
Sinfuls Colors Be Happy & Irish Green


  1. lovely haul.
    I love Baptiste!! it's my first ever and I bought it in the summer when I was ordering Viridian for a friend and it just so happened my mom was in the USA (sephora made illamasqua canada restricted :() so I had to order Baptiste for myself! it's really a one coat wonder!!
    also green ocean is a bit chunky but it's really pretty! drove over to the USA and checked out 2 walgreens before finding it =P

  2. Wow awesome stash additions! I grabbed those two green polishes from Sinful Colors, I've been happy with them but I've only used them the past few months. Hope you like them!

  3. You are so welcome! Glad to share the wealth of dusty hunting with my friends!! :)

  4. I can't wait to try Nerd Lacquer!! Awesome haul!!!

  5. I love your blog. You have been nominated by me for a few blog awards. Please check out my link.

  6. My, my, my... Gorgeous polishes :) Those Nerdlacquers... Lovely

  7. Awesome haul! I'm drooling over NerdLacquer! Your bottle pics are really great!


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