Friday, March 23, 2012

butter LONDON Tart With A Heart - Swatches and Reviews

I am very excited about the polish I have for you today! I purchased this back in December, can you BELIEVE it's been in my untrieds for THREE months?! Shame on me.

Tart With A Heart (TWAH) is a lovely fine glitter topper. It is a nice change from the mega-glitterbombs but adds lovely shimmer. This is kind of a hard color to describe. The description on butter LONDON's website is, "Who says pink glitter can’t be girly AND sexy?! This pale pink parade of glitter carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice."  Pink is not how I would describe this color, I think of it more as a gold with multiple color, irridescent glitters mixed in. But no matter what you call it, it is gorgeous.  I am actually wearing it on my toes as we speak over Color Club Wild At Heart, amazing combo.

I chose to put it over China Glaze Instant Chemistry, which is from their Magnetix collection (I will have a post on it soon). I absolutely loved this color and thought they would make a good combo. This is just ONE coat of TWAH and I only needed a regular top coat, no Gelous.

What do you think of TWAH? It's sexy and girly at the same time. I think it is great for Spring.

butter LONDON retails for $14 and can be purchased at It can also be purchased at Ulta and .


  1. This is still in my untrieds as well! Love it. I'll probably put it over a nude type color for my first try with it.

  2. Shame on you indeed! It's lovely on you! Wow that sure doesn't look like Wild at Heart under there. Great combo!

    1. Wild At Heart is on my toes, this is China Glaze Instant Chemistry. :-)

  3. This combo looks very pretty!

  4. I think it looks like a topper that goes well on pretty much everything! :)

  5. So, so pretty! I love dark browns and maroons, they make me feel all fashionable and elegant and haute for some reason.

  6. I really want Tart With A Heart. Do I need it? No - I have lots of similar glitters that are kind of silent most of the time. But as Rainbowify Me said, it's a topper that goes well on everything - and I like reaching for those vs. having a surprise with something you think is going to work and it turns teal or another shade.

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