Monday, February 6, 2012

Zoya Veruschka

Ahhh Monday, we meet again. Who's ready for another week? Who am I kidding, nobody is ready for another week. LOL Well to perk up your Monday I have an amazing polish for you today. It is also going to be the base for my next post which I am SUPER DUPER excited about. 

I don't know why I held off on trying the Zoya mattes for so long, they are absolutely stunning and the application was SO EASY. I have tried other mattes and they are quite a pain to apply but this was the complete opposite. I have included matte pics and pics with topcoat. I honestly love it both ways. 

Veruschka is a lovely dark green, I would describe it as a forest green. It was nearly a one-coater, what you see here are two coats. First up, the matte pics (there are a lot of pics, I am so in love with Veruschka I had a hard time narrowing it down). Please excuse the shiny cuticles, I had just applied cuticle oil.

Now for the shiny pics!! I added 1 coat of Orly Won't Chip for these.

What do you think of Veruschka? Do you like matte polishes? Do you prefer them matte or with a topcoat?

You can purchase Zoya polishes at for $8 but they often run promos and sales. I suggest following them on Facebook for all the latest news. Also, keep in mind that the mattes have been very sporadic on the site lately. This could mean they are getting close to retiring them.


  1. I also lovee this one so much!! loveeee

  2. I just picked up my first matte, Zoya's Mitzi, and I LOVE it!! I haven't done a full mani with it, but my one nail looked awesome with one coat! So excited to try it out now!

  3. This color reminds me of Revlon's Emerald City, it too is a matte and such a pretty green!! :D I wonder if they are a dupe??

  4. Love this shade of green ! Love Zoya and here in Italy it costs a lot more =(

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  5. @Elements ~ I was thinking the same thing! I have Emerald City, and LOVE mattes, but every time I saw a pic of Veruschka I thought it looked SO similar to Emerald City, that it didn't seem worth it. But I have been picking out some Zoyas for the promotion and just realized Veruschka AND Harlow are GONE! =/ Sad panda. Now I really hope they're dupes!

  6. Oh, I almost forgot. Ashley ~ I think you mentioned in your Harlow post (which I also just found) that the mattes in general are getting d/c'ed from Zoyas plate. Is that the mod mattes too? As in, if I want those eventually should I be ordering them NOW? Or is it just the ones from the matte/velvet collections, cause they're old? Just thought I would check and see if you knew. Thanks!

    1. Nina- I honestly don't know if the mod mattes are going to be discontinued or not. My suggestion would be, if you want them, you better get them. LOL

    2. Doh! Well thanks for the help! =) Your swatches overall were really helpful too! They look great! And I somehow didn't even know Harlow existed!! =0 I don't know why I never noticed there were only five mattes from the matte velvet collections that I knew about when ALL the other collections are three or six... But apparently it never occurred to me. Ha! At least now I know about it, so maybe I can find it somewhere eventually. I'll have to give those mod mattes some thought. I'm kind of wishy-washy on them. The colors are kind of awesome! And pretty unique for matte formulas, but all I ever hear about them is the horrible application... =/ Oh well, thanks for responding so quick! ; )

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