Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zoya Savita

Are you ready for another Zoya matte? I hope so, I am!! I remembered I had pics of Zoya Savita from last week when I used it under Butter London Knackered and I wasn't ready to take off my Sparkly Swamp Nails (they are still chip-free and no tip wear!). So I decided to show you Savita and I'll (hopefully) have some nail art for you tomorrow. :-)

Just like Verushcka, the formula on Savita was amazing. I am so glad I have these (and have two more on their way to me!), I don't know why I waited so long to get them. LOL OK, as with Veruschka I have matte pics as well as topcoat pics. Two coats. :-) Please excuse my index finger, apparently I messed it up and didn't realize it until now. GRRR

Time to SHINE!!!!

What do you think of Savita? Do you like it matte or shiny, or both perhaps? I looove it both ways!!

Zoya retails for $8 and can be purchased at zoya.com. They often have sales and promos so I suggest following their Facebook page and/or Twitter for all the inside scoop!! And, as I stated yesterday, I am afraid the mattes are in danger of being discontinued so you might want to hurry! LOL


  1. I love this one SOO much as well.

  2. Loverly! I have this one too! The funny thing about mattes...I love them matte a lot, but once I put a top coat on I like it better!

  3. I like savita both ways. I'm not a matte fan but that looks really pretty! I almost bought some hard candy matte top coat today but ended up putting it back.

  4. I meant to also say that I kept meaning to buy more Zoya mattes, but ended up finding ManGlaze and went with theirs instead.

  5. Beautiful polish!


  6. They did such a great job with these, didn't they? I have had Verushcka on my toes for like 3 weeks! LOL

  7. I think I almost like it shiny better! She's pretty both ways though!
    Ps: I've nominated you for two awards! Check it out at http://geekyowl.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blooger-award-and-one-lovely.html

  8. This polish is pretty!


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