Monday, February 20, 2012

Zoya Harlow

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a good Monday! Well, as good as any Monday can be. LOL I didn't have the day off of work, I hope all of you did! 

I have the last of my 4 Zoya Matte Velvet polishes today.I will be getting the last 2 of these to complete my collection soon! Harlow is a gorgeous magenta/berry color and as with all the other Zoya mattes the application was superb.

Matte pics first!

Now the top coat pics!

How do you like Harlow, matte or shiny?

Zoya retails for $8 and can be purchased at

They often have sales and promos so I suggest following their Facebook page and/or Twitter for all the inside scoop!! I am afraid the mattes are in danger of being discontinued so you might want to hurry if you want them! 


  1. I really like this matte- such a pretty colour!

  2. It's pretty! I like it matte better then shiny :)

  3. I also like it better matte than shiny!
    I wish Zoya was shipping to canada, there flash promos are so fun!

  4. Sadly I can't find this one. Lucky girl!

  5. Matte is way better than shiny! I love the sparkle!

  6. So pretty. I like it both ways, but matte slightly more :]

  7. I really wanted this but my normal California retailer who sells Zoya to the UK stopped selling Zoya and Zoya themselves don't deliver to the UK, bummed! :(


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