Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OPI Vampsterdam Gets Kissed!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Yay for Hump Day and being half way through the work week! Today I have for you my #1 lemming from the OPI Holland Collection, which was "officially" released in stores today. Vampsterdam is an AMAZING color, I don't know exactly how to describe it. It's a dark purplish, brownish, burgundy color. Does that make sense?? LOL I was a little disappointed in the formula on this polish which surprises me with OPI. It was still streaky with 2 coats (I included a comparison pic with 2 versus 3 coats) and I had some bubble and brush mark issues. GRRR I HATE BUBBLES AND BRUSH MARKS.

I also added some stamping with a Valentine theme for those of you who are into Valentine's Day. (Can you tell I am not?! LOL) Oh well, maybe next year. Hahaha

The following is 3 coats of Vampsterdam (except for the comparison pic). For the stamping I used Color Club Hot Like Lava with BM02.

COMPARISON PIC: 2 coats on the left, 3 coats on the right

See the major streaks and bare spots on the left??

I hope you enjoyed this!! Even with the formula issues I would still buy Vampsterdam. The color is GORGEOUS and the name is total AWESOMESAUCE.


  1. this a beautiful color I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection and I like the stamps. Kind of tired of hearts . I also like how you show the bottom of the bottle, why I don't know but I do lol

  2. Sorry to hear that this pretty colour has streaks and bubbles :(. What a great combination with those fun kiss stamps!! XD

  3. LOVE this colour!! Vampy polish = so up my alley! ;) A bit disappointed re the streaking and bubbling though... wonder if still worth getting and tolerating that??

  4. That is super cool!! It's a pretty color! And the stamping is pretty fun too.. I gotta try stamping again..

  5. smooch smooch! I have 6 of the Hollands on their way to me and this is one of them! I wonder if we're better of layering it? I'll try it over dark and see if that helps. I love this stamping image! Along with the chains it's one of my favorite!

  6. This mani with the stamping looks just gorgeous!

  7. I loved the base color, gorgeouss!
    And what you did after was way to cute! :D

  8. This is one of my top lemmings from the Holland collection. I still have to buy them! That's a shame about the bubbles. I always hate when that happens! It is still beautiful though.

  9. Super cute Ashley!

  10. it's really pretty but I'm sad the formula is not that great...
    but the name is so cute!


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