Monday, February 13, 2012


I got some pretty amazing nail mail this weekend! It was parcels galore!! All of the packages are from fellow bloggers and women I consider friends. Get ready for linkage galore! 

First up, my friend Aleta over at The Nail Junkie sent me a very sweet care package, a mini Valentine's Day gift. 

Some nail magazines, CANDY!!, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, Felt (for removing polish) and a lovely card

Julep Nail File and Hand Cream sample

Next up is my package from Ashley over at Smashley Sparkles. After I posted my haul where I got Savita and Veruschka, Ashley contacted me and said she had access to Posh and possibly other Zoya mattes. She ended up grabbing me Posh and Harlow. I love them! Thank you so much Ashley!

Zoya Posh and Harlow

If you remember my post from when I got my February Julep Maven boxes I told you I was swapping a couple of items with my friend SuiLing over at Lovely Little Things because I had accidentally forgotten to switch my box. SuiLing also included some macadamia nuts because you can't get a package from Hawaii without macadamia nuts!! (She actually included 3 packages, 1 was harmed before the taking of these pictures. LOL) Thank you so much SuiLing!!

ANOTHER Julep Cuticle Oil (love this stuff!) and Julep Glenn

OK, I saved the most EPIC for last!!! My awesome friend Traci from The Trace Face Philes hooked me up BIG TIME. I am so in love with my package from her. I have been wanting to try some Misa's, I should have NO problem with that now!! Not to mention all the awesome skin care goodies!


Misa Fatal Affair, Endless Keys, Toxic Seduction

Misa Let's Go Green, Like It Like That, Date Night To The Twilight

Misa The Grass Is Greener On My Side, Embroidered Emerald, Chelsea Kaleidoscope, CND Stickey

NailTek Advanced Hydrating Creme, Cuccio Butter in Tuscan Citrus Herb and Papaya & Guava, Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner (not nail related LOL)
Cuccio Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick in Milk & Honey and Pomegranate & Fig

(I have already used all of these and they are pure awesomesauce)


So what do you think of my nail mail? I can't wait to wear everything!!!


  1. lucky girl... i obv. need better friends LOL!

  2. Wow!!! That is some EPIC nail mail!! I hope to get some.. some day!! :D Congrats!

  3. AWESOME!!!!! ♥ Love everything - especially the GREEN Misa and the PURPLR Misa. I'm a sucker for greens and purples. I'd wear them on alternating fingers if people wouldn't look at me funny.

  4. Wow! I think I am gonna stalk your mail box, lol.

  5. Ok, I say this with the utmost love and affection - I hate you a little right now. :D

  6. *drools* OMG! This is amazing nail mail!

  7. You're welcome!! Glad you like them :) Now I have to find another Posh for myself! LOL

  8. Thanks for the mention! Glad you liked the package,

  9. Isn't Smashley a doll? I know her in real life!

  10. What waonderful items, you are so lucky!

  11. wow! Very awesome nail mail!
    You're gonna love Misa's polishes! They are so easy to work with, and the colors!!!! wow
    Like it Like That is one of my fav polish of all time


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