Sunday, February 5, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Hello lovelies!! Any of my US girls watching the Superbowl? I am half-watching while blogging. LOL Anyways, today I have an amazing polish!!! Have you heard of Max Factor Fantasy Fire? It is supposed to be a dupe for the much sought-after (and VERY expensive) Clarins 230. I don't have Clarins 230 but from the pics I have seen this comes pretty darn close!! 

I put it over my previous post of Barry M Indigo. I love it over Indigo but I wish I had put it over black instead, I WILL be doing that sometime this week, so stay tuned for that!! I think putting it over black will make it look even more like a Clarins dupe since it will give it the full range of color shift. I will also link a couple of my friend's blog posts at the bottom of this one. They put it over different colors with even different results.

This applied very well, no application issues at all. The bottle is TEENY so the brush is also teeny. LOL So the bristles are short but they weren't hard to work with. This is 2 coats over Indigo, no topcoat.

Some of these pictures weren't the best, I apologize for that. My camera has been having a lot of issues lately. 

Fantasy Fire is only available in the UK, I received mine from my friend Denise, she was such a sweetheart to get it for me. Thank you Denise!!

Here are the bonus posts I promised you!!


  1. I think it looks great over Indigo!!! So gorgeous!

  2. I've seen sooooo many post of this. Is it a must have?

  3. Ver pretty! How would it look over something lighter?

  4. This polish is SOOO gorgeous! I must have it!

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  6. This polish looks AMAZING layered over Zoya's 'Anja' - a dark grape creme


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