Thursday, February 9, 2012

FEVERlacquer I Lie For.....Only You

If you saw my nail mail post earlier today you saw my very exciting package from FEVERlacquer. If you did not see it I suggest you go read it. I will highlight the high points here but there is a lot of information in my nail mail post about this brand of polish, including why I have the very first bottle made.  :-)

FEVERlacquer is a brand new indie (or franken) brand of polish created by my friend Cas. (Once again, I will give all links pertaining to FEVERlacquer at the bottom of this post). FEVERlacquer is 3 FREE and is baby- and pregnancy-safe. Cas makes each bottle from scratch and also lists all ingredients used on each bottle of FEVERlacquer. 

I Lie For....Only You (ILF...OY) is a GORGEOUS blue jelly with just a hint of green. It has holo micro-glitter and black hex glitter OMG. I love how with each coat the black glitter became layered, making its very own jelly-sandwich. Eventhough this is a jelly it only took 3 coats to become opaque and it dried SUPER fast. I am very impressed with this polish and can't wait for what comes next with FEVERlacquer. 

I must apologize for my pics. My camera was not cooperating (as per usual LOL). I promise one of these days I will buy a new camera and you can stop hearing my complain. The first picture is the only one I could get that is accurate to the color but my fingers look orange. Don't look at my skin, just my nails. HAHA The rest of the pics show the glitter well but the pics are too bright. So please keep that in mind. :-) 

Are we ready to drool??? Do you have your bib ready?!

Don't look at the orange fingers!!! LOL


Isn't this polish amazeballs?! I love it! 

Cas is also a blogger (although she doesn't blog as much lately since she is busy creating awesome polish) and her blog is The Mani-Logues

She has created a blog just for FEVERlacquer to keep everyone informed and to show sneak peeks at upcoming polishes. You can find it at HERE. If you go there now she has a preview of 2 polishes coming up later this month!!

One last link, she has also created a Facebook page for FEVERlacquer. You can find it HERE.


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