Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Essence Romeo

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo? LOL OK, that was a lame intro but when is there going to be any other time I could use it? LOL But seriously, I am still looking for my real-life Romeo, anyone know of one that's available? ;-)

I am absolutely in love with the Essence Twins. I only have 3 (Romeo and Edward & Bella) but I really want all of them. The cremes in the Twins are soooo buttery smooth they are nearly one-coaters. Romeo is a nice grey creme with a nice shiny finish. There's really nothing else to say except you need it. LOL

Romeo will be serving as the base for my next post which I think you will all love!! The following is 2 coats of Romeo with one coat of Orly Won't Chip.

I hope you love Romeo!! I think you're going to love what I pair with him!!


  1. I love twins too :) I have all of them. At least one nail polish brand that is cheap where I live :)

  2. I haven't found any of these polishes! Where do they sell them? And Great post! I like that color!

  3. Elements this is European brand, they mostly sell in Europe. I know that in the USA you can find some of them but I think that not the whole line.

  4. You should move quickly if you want more because Essence is discontinuing the Twins line :( I also decided I will grab all the current ones before they disappear (I only have Edward and Troy glitter toppers right now).

  5. I love all the twins<3 And it's so sad they are going to disctontinue them=/


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