Sunday, January 15, 2012

OOPS......I Didn't Mean To Buy This Much....

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!! I woke up this morning feeling icky so I decided I needed some polish therapy. What better way to make yourself feel better than some awesome new polish? 

I went to a few different places and this is what I wound up with...

From Ulta:

 Zoya Remove+ and a polish duo that was on sale for $5.95!

I am really excited to try the Remove+, I have heard wonderful things about it.

L-R: Vampire Kiss and Howl At the Moon (how could I not get it with those names? LOL)
The color is off in this pic, they are deeper than this.

OPI Avojuice in Coconut Melon (smells so yummy!), Seche Vite, I will name the polish in the closeups below.

 L-R: Rock-It, Androgynie, Goth, Here Comes Trouble

 L-R: OPI Spark De Triomphe, ChG Techno, Love Marilyn

Color Club Cherry Sparkle and Antiquated (this was the one missing out of my Ross set)

And from a different store...

OPI Simmer & Shimmer, China Glaze Party Hearty

I could not believe I found Party Hearty!!! I have been wanting this forever!! What do you think of my haul? I really didn't intend to buy so much. LOL

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  1. Awesome! I went to Ulta last night - and walked out with a ton of stuff! I didn't intend on buying a lot - but they had just put a lot on the clearance - and I couldn't resist! :)

  2. Wow, you do good when you feel icky, I woke up that way and didn't get out of my pj's! lol You got a great haul tho!

  3. What was the "other store"?? Simmer & Shimmer is one of my favorite glitters EVER!! And I'm dying/trying to find Party Heart! Lucky :p

  4. Great haul!! I am especially in love with the CG you got and the OPI Spark de Triumphe!

    And great find on the Party Hearty!!


  5. Great haul! I want Party Hearty so bad but couldn't find it last time I hit up the nail supply stores.

  6. Hauls are orgasmic! I cannot wait to set out my hauling,just tracking the boxes,placing the order,spending the loot~temperatures risin' and its not suprising!!!

  7. Great haul!! I can't wait to see what Orly Rock-It looks like on!!

  8. I have that Ulta set. I love them!

  9. I really like these colors, especially the sparkly ones are so pretty at the bottom. thanks so much for sharing


  10. Simmer and Shimmer, Spark De Triomphe and Goth are some of my all time favourite polishes! Epic haul!

  11. Wowww..I want to feel icky too:)))Just can't decide wich Orly I like most - they all are awesome!!!!Truely epic haul:)))

  12. lucky!!! you found OPI Simmer & Shimmer & China Glaze Party Hearty !!! lucky!

  13. Great haul!! You were really in need! LOLOL :D

  14. I'm so jealous. I still hope to find a bottle of Party Hearty hiding somewhere as if it was waiting just for me! Nice haul.

  15. Jealous of that Party Hearty! and the remove + is amazing!! it takes off glitter like nobodys business!

  16. Oh my good gracious, I'm SO jealous of all your new fun goodies!!!

  17. This has happened to me on many occasions. But you got some really great goodies out of it ;0)


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