Friday, January 27, 2012

Nubar Reclaim! With A Little Stamping ;-)

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!! Can you tell I'm totally happy it's almost the weekend?!?!?! I'm sure you are too. LOL Unless you have to work, in which case I am sorry. Anyhoo, today I have a polish for you that I have been DYING to get on my nails. Nubar Reclaim. It's green. It's holo. It's perfect. I am in  love.

I have only been using Nubar for about a month but I love it, it has become one of my favorite brands in a very short time. Their bottle and cap are my favorite, they are the perfect shape to hold and it is cute to boot! LOL I had perfect application with Reclaim, no dragging or bald spot issues that many linear holos have, and top coat did not dull the holo effect. I used 2 coats of Reclaim topped with Nubar Diamont Top Coat. 

I wanted to add some stamping because I love the look of stamping over holos! It just makes it amazing. I was having issues with my stamping for some reason though, so it did not turn out as well as I thought it would. I did still included a couple pics of it. For the stamping I used BM05 with OPI Black Onyx. 


Now for the stamping....

I really wish the stamping had turned out better. But the polish is gorgeous enough that it doesn't matter. LOL

You can purchase Nubar from Katie over at Harlow & Co. She sells AH-MAZING brands and ships internationally!! Oh, and she is super sweet too!!

Nubar can also be purchased from


  1. This is gorgeous!!! Love the stamping.

  2. Nubar Reclaim is absolutely beautiful! I want/need it in my life!

  3. Ohh that color is so pretty! I have never used Nubar yet.. I'm still so new to the polish world! I still have to sort out all the brands! :D

  4. Such a gorgeous polish! I think the stamping is cute =)

  5. I'm not a huge fan of stamping in general.. but I love this color!

    By the way, I'm giving away a bunch of my favorite beauty products to include Zoya nail polish, Dior products, the Naked Palette 2, etc.. go to to enter!

  6. Looks fantastic! I really need to try some sort of "starter" stamping kit. So cute.

  7. I still have this in my untrieds...shame on me! Love this on you!

  8. OMG Reclaim is soooo pretty!!!! I have got to get my hands on some Nubar :)

  9. I'm waiting for sunny days to pop this one out of my untried stash! It looks amazing and I'm happy I ordered it last month!


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