Sunday, January 29, 2012

NOX Twilight Crush

Hello all my lovelies!!!! I am so excited about the TWO posts I have for you tonight!!! This is an AMAZING color and will serve as my basecoat for my next post and it is quite the AMAZING combo!!!

I have posted on this brand before, NOX Twilight, and as I have said before, it is an awesome brand!Even if you are not a Twilight fan these polishes are definitely worth having. They have amazing formulas and opacity. This was nearly a one-coater. 

I apologize for the quality of the pics. I am having issues with my camera so I had to use my phone and the pics are grainy. :-( Also, I used a BRAND NEW BOTTLE of Seche Vite and it left black specks on my pinky. I have no idea why it did this. Argh. Anyways, on to the amazing HOT PINK!!!

Again, I apologize for the pics, they are not very good quality. :-( But the color is so amazing!!!

You can purchase NOX Twilight polishes at for $6.99 each.


  1. It happened the same to me the first time i used my seche vite topcoat! dont know why

  2. This colour is HOT! Love the bottle too!

  3. Ooooo I LOVE THS! So gorgeous! Nice choice.

  4. Morning Ashley! =D
    What a pretty pink, I love bubble gum pinks!
    <3 and those bottles omgz

    Those black spots are weird.. are they inside the bottle too? :S


  5. Sometimes I think new brushes have dust in them from the factory, or something. I've had "things" come out of nowhere in new polishes. Always upsetting!


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