Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mini weekend haul

I went shopping Saturday, I was on a mission to find the Finger Paints flakies. Not really all of them, I mainly wanted Twisted. I went armed with my coupons and it was a total fail on the flakies. Sally's was already sold out. But I had too many coupons to not use them. LOL My friend Aleta over at The Nail Junkie recently did a blog post on Orly's Nail Rescue Kit. I had seen this before but hadn't paid much attention to it. Aleta tried it and loved it so I thought I would give it a chance (I will talk more about this in my next nail post). So I picked it up along with a couple other things from Sally's. I then went to Ulta because I knew they had a bunch of polish on clearance, people were even finding polish from the OPI Muppet's collection in clearance. Again, total fail. I picked up a couple but they had barely any clearance at all. I was seeing pics from other people of massive amounts of polish on clearance, I don't know why my Ulta didn't have much.

L-R: Orly Nail Rescue Kit, Orly Won't Chip, Savvy Deja Blue, Zoya Marley, China Glaze Haunting, earrings

From Sally's: Orly Nail Rescue Kit, Orly Won't Chip, Savvy Deja Blue (on clearance for $1.99) and the earrings. With all my coupons I got all of this for $9 (regular price would have been around $21)!!

From Ulta: Zoya Marley and China Glaze Haunting (Haunting is for a swap with my friend Jen from Jen's Polish Wonderland. I got Zoya Marley for $3.99, it was my only big clearance find. 

I am not normally into pale or nude shades but I have really been liking them lately (I don't know what's wrong with me! LOL) so I fell in love with Zoya Marley when I saw it. When I showed my mom she said, "well that doesn't look like you, it's pretty." LOL Thanks Mom! She didn't mean it like it sounded, she just meant it was a pretty color but since I don't usually like pale colors she was surprised I liked it.

Anyway, that's my haul, not too bad for a fail. ;-)


  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope you like the kit. I couldn't live without it. My one tip is that you take the suggestion in the instructions and repeat the first two steps before moving on to buffing. My repairs lasted forever. Acetone does break the repair down over several polish removals. But I it was so simple to redo that I didn't mind. I'm sure you could just use a non-acetone remover and avoid that. I'm sure you'll be happy you have it next time you get a break. It's a life er..nail saver. Way easier and way stronger than nail glue or tea bags. Look!

  2. $3.99 for Marley!? That's a great deal and it's a very pretty color! I actually got Zoya Harley last week for $2.99 at a beauty store, so I guess we both scored. Nice haul!

  3. I use that Orly Nail Rescue kit as well. Works wonders for me! I did purchase a different buffer to use with it though, as the one in the kit is not very efficient.


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