Sunday, January 22, 2012

International Nail Mail!!!!

Hello lovelies!! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!! Mine went by super fast, don't they always? Why can't we work 2 days and have 5 off??? That would be awesome. LOL Enough fantasizing, onto things we can be happy about that are actually a reality. 

I have finally completed my first international swap!! I actually did a mini swap before I started blogging but this is the first one since I've been blogging. I have become friends with Solange from Nail Lacquer Addict (who lives in Luxembourg) and she was wanting some US polishes so we decided to swap. You can see what I got here over at her blog HERE

What a CHEERY box!!! Why don't we have bright boxes here?

 And the goodies!!!!

 L-R: Catrice Forget Me Not! and Manhattan 78S (I assume this is the name, there was nothing else that looked like the name LOL)

Essence Choose Me and Galactic Black

Three out of the four in the Essence Circus, Circus collection. I still need Don't Feed the Tiger if anyone knows where to find it please let me know!
Top to bottom: Essence Cotton Candy, My Sparkling Acrobat and Applause, Applause (red and sparkly!!!)

A lovely card, nail stickers and chocolate!!

The chocolate was COMPLETELY MELTED when I got it, it felt like water inside. LOL Lovely Arizona, even in January. I put it in the fridge and ate it later, it was delish!! Thank you Solange!!

Hope you enjoyed!!


  1. This is so fun! The Catrice is so pretty :) I just recently started blogging and haven't done any swaps yet, but seeing such exciting nail mail makes me wanna get one going!

  2. oooh !! yay so many goodies !!

  3. I love Ritter Chocolates! They have one with hazelnuts...nomnomnom

  4. LOL I see your box was smooshed a little! My candy came nice and hard from being out in the cold lol too funny!

  5. Aw what a wonderful nail mail!! :D

  6. Hey, I live in the netherlands, and we have the Time for Romance laying around everywhere! I can get it for you if you want it? Mail me!:)

  7. Choose me so so nice *.* Love this color :)

  8. Facebook mindset... I read "Why don't we have bright boxes here?" and immediately looked for the Like button. lmao

  9. Facebook mindset... I read "Why don't we have bright boxes here?" and immediately looked for the Like button. LMAO

  10. Great goodies!! Glad you were able to save the chocolate, lol.

  11. I'm in love with Essence Aplause, Aplause. Gorgeous Nail mail! ;-)


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