Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holo Week Day 3!!! HITS Demeter!

Welcome to hump day of holo week! I wanted something bright and cheery today so I chose Speciallita HITS Demeter which is an orange holo!! I knew when I first saw this one I had to have it. I must say this isn't quite as orange as I thought it would be, it is more of a pale orange/peachy color. Still very gorgeous, just not in your face orange. I think the next time I wear this I will try putting it over a bright orange creme and see what that does. :-)

The formula on this was wonderful, no problems with application whatsoever and opaque in 3-4 coats (depending on how think your coats are). I am very impressed with the HITS brand and will be getting more!!! Heehee Just a reminder, this brand is not 3-free so if that is important to you, you should steer clear.

The first pic was taken in the shade so you can't see the holo but it is the true swatch of the color, the other pics are too orange. They are more like what I THOUGHT this polish would look like. LOL I love it either way!!

I purchased this gorgeous polish from the lovely Leah Ann at Llarowe. She has so many wonderful polishes and they are all top of the line!! You also need to make sure you check out her Facebook page!!


  1. Beautiful. Love the bright sunshine color. It makes me happy.

  2. Wow, that is so pretty and I'm not a fan of orange!

  3. Yummy! I think an orange holo looks terrific!

  4. I need this polish in my life!!!

  5. Very pretty!
    It's very surprising how pretty a orange can be...thanks to the holo effect :P

  6. C'mon! I'll be drooling all over your nails a hole week! Thats not cool! :D

    Love it, obviously!

    Kiss kiss

  7. I really want this polish! So jealous. I am stalking the site waiting for it to be in stock. Orange holo. Wahoo!


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