Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Essence Applause, Applause

Hello everyone!! I am so sorry my posting has been so sporadic lately!! I miss posting for you guys every day!! I will do my absolute best to get back to every day posts, it's just hard with life being so crazy right now! If you follow me on my Facebook page you know that I broke a nail yesterday. I broke it badly, it was diagonal and to a point. LOL So it was time to chop them all down, so you will be seeing some super nubbins today. 

I decided it was time to post one of my polishes I got in my swap with Solange and of course I wanted to use the red one first. LOL As per usual, my camera fails at capturing the awesomeness of this polish. The red in the pics is much more orange, in real life this is a cool-toned bright red and the glitter is ah-mazing. I hope to get a new camera this Spring and if I do be prepared to see a LOT OF RED AND GLITTERS!! LOL I love red and glitter but I don't use them much right now because I can't capture their full beauty. Now on to the beautiful polish!!

If you are not familiar with the Essence Circus, Circus Collection I will give you a little info. There are four polishes in the collection (I have 3 and still need Don't Feed The Tiger if anyone has access to it) and each polish is double-sided with a creme on one side and a coordinating glitter on the other. Applause, Applause is a red creme with a red glitter consisting of micro-glitter and larger square glitter. I topped it with Julep Fast Dry Topcoat, this was not a hungry glitter so I didn't use Gelous.

In the first 3 pics are 2 coats of the creme and then the other I put 1 coat of glitter on top. :-)

Thank you for this awesome polish Solange!!!


  1. you're welcome ash :D i had to put it on too once I got it!
    i believe the color is accurate too ;) at least it looks like in my swatches XD
    looks very pretty on you :D

  2. Very pretty love how well the glitter goes with it!

  3. OOoooo, that glitter is gorgeous!!!

  4. Love those polishes!!!!
    And your nails :)

  5. I THINK this length looks BETTER on you actually! Very nice polish too!

  6. Hellows!
    You approve this collection? :D
    I still haven't found it here in Pt but I'm hopping it will be out soon enough!
    Your Nubbins look cute as always! No worries :D


  7. Your nails look awesome (length and polish choice!). :D

  8. Such a gorgeous red!! And such a great combo with the glitter.

  9. Too orange undertone in this one for me. But nice glitters.


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