Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Butter London Knackered Dupe???

Hello again!!! I mentioned in my post on Butter London Knackered earlier today that I thought I might be able to layer two of my current polishes and create a dupe. Well, I am happy to announce that it is NOT a dupe!!! I am totally justified in owning both. :-) 

The two polishes I had in mind were OPI Not Like The Movies and China Glaze Fairy Dust. In the first pic you can see 3 coats of NLTM on its own (it is more opaque than Knackered) and you can clearly see that they are not dupes. I also swatched 2 fingers over Zoya Savita, you can see that at the end of the post. 

4 coats Butter London Knackered on the left, 3 coats of OPI NLTM with 1 coat ChG Fairy Dust on the right

For the pics below I put 2 coats of NLTM and 1 coat of Fairy Dust on my index and ring fingers, BL Knackered on my middle finger and pinky. All are over 2 coats of Savita.

Well there you have it. I didn't bother swatching it over black since they weren't as close as I thought. Does it make you happy or sad that I didn't find a dupe?


  1. Not too sad, but happy to keep looking! thank you for the comparison, I almost bought knackered to try and compare it myself...

  2. I think the last pics looks really cute!

  3. Oh, OPI looks so sprakly. I was think that Essence duochrome polish will compensate me for not having OPI, but taking look at that glitter. Maybe I should reconsider)

  4. I have the OPI & the Butter London! Glad they aren't dupes!

  5. Kackered is much more purple...plus you have the problem of NLTM having 2 versions out there - the now rare to find multichrome that was in the first batch release of the Katie Perry Collection - then the needed re-run of the entire KP collection from OPI because they sold out the first day and could not fulfill all their orders and commitments. So they did another run and re-issued...in that re-issue NLTM is a totally different shade - no duo/multichrome at all. It's a plain silver sparkle/shimmer.


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