Saturday, December 10, 2011

My First Christmas Mani of the Year!!

FINALLY a new mani post!!!! I apologize for not posting lately, I just haven't had the time. I just took off my Cult Nails Clairvoyant mani today and I put that on on Monday. Eek! LOL However, I must say the wear on it was amazing. I only had two small chips and they were from my nails breaking, other than that I only had minor tip wear. So hurray for that Cult Nails!

Since Christmas is getting so close (I still have so much to do to prepare!!!) I thought it would be awesome to start my Christmas manis. This is a design I did last year on my mom's nails. She got tons of compliments on it and I was very pleased with how hers turned out. I did this one a little differently but it's the same concept. 

Before I get to the pics I want to make sure you all vote in the poll I put up this morning. I would like to know if I have nail art posts (like this one) or layering combos if you prefer the base color is in the same post or if you prefer it to have its own separate post. I am doing this post with the base color here so you can see if you like it. Pretty much all of my other combos are in separate posts (the latest being theOPI Ink. post as my base for Cult Nails Clairvoyant).

I guess I'll start with a pic of the completed mani....

 Can you tell what they are supposed to be? I hope so!!! Christmas lights!!!

I started off using 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow, I just got this color last weekend and it was my first time using it. Oh, by the way, I am late on my haul post too. LOL I was very impressed with Alpine Snow, as I always am with OPI!

 This is without a top coat since I was layering, it's very shiny on its own. :)

Then I added 1 coat of Orly Winter Wonderland for SPARKLE!!! I love this color, it reminds me of snow. I guess that's why they call it Winter Wonderland. LOL

Is that a hair on my middle fingernail?! Grrr I hate that. LOL That's what I get for having a little puffball dog. Haha

Now time for the string of Christmas lights!! I used Sinful Colors Nail Art Striper in black for the cord and nail art rhinestones in red and green for the lights. I have a really hard time capturing red with my camera for some reason so these look orange in some of the pics but they really are red. LOLI topped it off with 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Color Club top coat.

I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas mani!! Also, don't forget to vote in my poll. :)


  1. This is a really cute Christmas manicure! I love all the detail you put into it.

  2. very cute! love the orly sparkle too. and i voted in the poll, i really do like to see the base color featured in the same post! show me the whole deal from start to finish :)

  3. This is seriously the most creative Christmas mani I have seen yet!! I love it!

  4. This is freaking amazing! I want to copy it ASAP!!!!!!

  5. What an awesome idea! I'll have to borrow it :-p

  6. I love the gems :D super cute!

  7. I love the finished product!!!! So creative and festive!

  8. Oooooo!!! I really love the effect of the gems!! Great job :)


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