Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surprise Mystery Post Answer!!!

Sorry this is so late everyone! It has been a crazy day! The answer to the mystery polish brand is....drumroll....Avon! Yes, both polishes in my mystery post were Avon. The teal one (which to me looks almost like a dead-on dupe of Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net- I will have to compare them soon) is a new color from Avon called Sequined Turquoise and the dark blue is Splendid Blue. This post will be dedicated to Sequined Turquoise. I will have a post for Splendid Blue soon but I have a busy few days ahead of me so I'm not exactly sure when. 

Since I'm sure everyone knows what Charla and Catch Me In Your Net look like I won't babble too much here. Sequined Turquoise appears to possibly lean a little more blue than the others. 

On to the pics! This is 3 coats although it looked pretty much the same with two, no top coat. Please excuse the couple of messy spots.

Avon polishes have come a long way in recent years! They retail for $2.99 but are often on sale. They can be purchased from I hope you enjoyed my mystery post!



  1. wow!!!! i haven't seen the newest avon colors but i totally should have known the blue ... i own that one! GREAT post though - did anyone get it right?? will absolutely be ordering ST (and others) from you soon!

  2. Anissa- no, nobody got the correct answer.

    Traci- LOL YEAH SURE

  3. Wow--I never would've guessed! Well, obviously, because my guess was wrong! Gorgeous colors!

  4. Is this available now? I couldn't find it on the website.

  5. Shally- Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I received this color almost a month ago in a preview and had forgotten that it came in a set only. It is a really nice set and can be found here:

    (If you would like a closeup of the bag in the set you can see it in my blog post here: )

    Thank you!


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