Monday, November 7, 2011

Piggy Polish Among the Stars

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I have a couple of other things to show you tomorrow, plus I wanted to leave you with something prettier than those poorly done mustahces. LOL

 Remember the comparison post I did on A England Guinevere vs. OPI Parlez-vous OPI? (If you missed it you can see it HERE) I decided I wanted to layer some glitter over it and decided to use a brand I haven't tried yet, Piggy Polish. I am really impressed with this polish, it covered well in one coat and spread out evenly.

 Piggy Polish Among the Stars is a really pretty lilac micro-glitter and larger (but still small) pink hex glitter. I like it over this polish BUT I think it would look better over a contrasting color. You can't see the purple very well since the base is purple. I can see this looking really pretty over a dark blue!

The following is one coat of Among the Stars and one coat of Gelous over Guinevere andParlez-vous OPI?. 

 Oops....guess I wasn't supposed to use this on my fingers. ;) LOL

Do you own any Piggy Polish? What base coat do you think this would look good over?



  1. That is gorgeous! I want that layered mix in a bottle, I heart this combo so much :)

  2. Ah come on man! HAHAHA now I w a n t this too. Geeezzzzz.

  3. I don't own a single Piggy Polish! This one is GORGE!

  4. This is so pretty! It lookds like that new WnW polish All in the Cut.

  5. So pretty!!! I love it!!

  6. I love that polish!

  7. Wow! I want it!!


  8. That polish is so stunning! I love the colors and sparkle! So different! Looks great on your nails!


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