Friday, November 4, 2011

Ozotic 532 Over Wet 'N Wild Night Prowl

Happy Friday lovelies! I have an amazing polish to show you today! I am in love with Ozotic 532 - .maybe even more than 531. I can't decide, I love them both! This polish is from the mish-mash line which means it is mulit-chrome AND holographic! Sooo gorgeous!

This polish shifts so many different colors. I tried to capture them all but I'm sure I probably didn't!   I spotted light purple, light blue, teal, dark purple, dark blue, grey, pink and even some light gold! And don't forget the holo - there is so much going on and it is absolutely amazing!

We had a very rare cloudy day today that turned into a windy day that turned into a day-long dust storm. How fun. I love clouds and will never turn them away but it also meant no sun pics for this amazing polish. While I didn't get sun pics, this polish is so gorgeous that the pics are still drool-worthy! 

The first 2 pics are outside under the clouds - they don't show the holo very well but the color-change shows up amazingly well! In these pics are 2 coats of 532 over 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild Night Prowl, all topped of with 1 coat of Orly Sec 'N Dry.

 With all those colors it's hard to believe it's only one polish!

*This product is no longer available for purchase.*

This opinion was my own and I was not compensated for it. 



  1. Gorgeous!! I'm a new follower(: Loving your blog!

  2. Thank you Kelly!!! I'm glad you're enjoying it and welcome!!

  3. Oh, you're Posh for Polish!! I have been following your blog forever!!! Thank you! :)

  4. OMG, I have to have this! Stunning!

  5. OH wow! SOOO very pretty!

  6. Thanks everyone!! This polish is so stunningly gorgeous!


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