Saturday, November 26, 2011

Orly Sweet Peacock!!

Hello lovelies!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have been super busy so this will be a quick post! I hope to be back later with an awesome addition to this mani. :-) This is the first time I have worn Orly Sweet Peacock, shame on me. It is so pretty!!! This is a gorgeous blue with a foil finish...but be warned it does not dry instantly like most foils, it dries like a "regular" polish. I accidentally messed up one of my fingers on me left hand and didn't have time to fix it before pics so you will be seeing my right hand in these pics.

This is 2 coats with 1 coat of Orly Sec 'N Dry.

Sweet Peacock is from Orly's Birds of A Feather Collection and can be found at Sally's and Ulta.


  1. Beautiful blue! ORLY makes some crazy cool foils, a bright blue foil is awesome :D

  2. Beautiful. This color has really grown on me since I saw it swatched the first time.

  3. Amazing blue. I think it has the best shine.


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