Friday, November 4, 2011

Mustache Mani Monday!

DId you know November is Prostate Cancer Awareness month? It's also known as no-shave month, men are supposed to grow a mustache in November to raise awareness for prostate cancer (not exactly sure how those two things are linked, but they are LOL). This has a very special meaning to me because my Grandpa had prostate cancer and has been cancer-free for 7 years. 

To help raise awareness some my Facebook friends and I are doing Mustache Mani Monday on this coming Monday, November 7th. Here is a video tutorial on how to do a moustache mani:

You all know that I am not good at nail art, but I will do my best!

I would like all of you to join along, whether you have a blog or not! On Monday, November 14th I will be posting any pics that I receive on my blog.

You can send your moustache mani pics to me at:

Let the twisty mustaches commence!
I hope you all enjoy this! What a fun way to raise awareness!



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