Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haul Post!

Happy Sunday readers!! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I had an awesome day yesterday! I went to see Breaking Dawn (it was AMAZING!) and then did some shopping which included nail polish, of course. LOL With my birthday haul and this haul my stash count is now at 306! WOOHOO!! (is it wrong to be happy about that? LOL) I am considering getting rid of a few of them that I don't care for which would put me back below 300 though...oh well, I'm sure I could catch back up again. LOL

I stopped by Sally's looking for Orly Calcium They don't carry it at that location. WTH?! But I did get my favorite top coat, Orly Sec 'N glad to have that back! I will probably continue to use the Color Club on nail art though because it is nice and thick so it doesn't smear, it just doesn't dry quite as quickly as I like.

After Sally's I went to Ulta...that is a dangerous place for me! LOL I was looking for two specific things, OPI DS Temptation and the butter LONDON holiday duos. No DS Temptation but I did find the BL!! I bought my very first Butter London's!! I am so excited! I picked the set with The Black Knight and Tart With A Heart (the other set is Fairy Lights and Tart With A Heart) and they are both so gorgeous!!! I can't wait to wear them!!

Such cute packaging, right?! I was worried about the bottles falling inside of here but when I went to get them out they were glued on so well I had a hard time getting them out. It actually ended up pulling off my retail stickers on the bottom of the bottles. Grr...missing labels is a pet peeve of mine. LOL Also, I originally thought I might leave them on this little "vanity" for display but it is not sturdy enough so I won't be doing that.


I will be back soon with my Twilight-themed mani that I wore yesterday (and am still wearing...I will probably cry when I take it off LOL)


  1. I love those Butter London's! So pretty! :)

  2. I want Black Knight so bad... I could do without Tart With A Heart though :/

  3. Nicel- I though the exact same thing until I saw the Tart With A Heart post on The Trace Face Philes. I decided I loved it enough to own both! You can see that post here:

  4. They are beautiful!!! Please swatch. I wish we had an Ulta. :( Ugh...maybe we do. I guess I should look.

  5. Nice haul! Can't wait for swatches :)


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