Tuesday, November 8, 2011

China Glaze Fortune Teller

Happy Hump Day everyone! We're halfway to the weekend! Yay! I am absolutely in love with the polish I have for you today. I have been wearing it since Monday night and it still looks amazing. I did some major house-cleaning yesterday and just knew my nails were going to look horrid by the end of the day but I only have one tiny chip so I'm happy!

This is technically a Halloween polish, it was released in 2009 but I didn't purchase it until a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to wear it before Halloween, but I think it's a great color for Fall in general. Since we have cooled down a lot here recently (it got below freezing last night! This is the earliest I can remember it being that cold) I felt like wearing something that screamed Fall and this one did it.

This is a black jelly base with 3 different sizes of orangey-bronze hex glitter. It becomes opaque in only 2 coats! Most polishes of this nature either need to be layered over black or they take 4-5 coats to become opaque on their own. 

My bottle does not have a label, as you will see in the pics. Apparently this is common with this particular polish.

***This paragraph is an addition to my original post. I typed this post up tonight and was going to wait until in the morning to post it since I had already posted twice tonight. Right after I finished the post I accidentally dropped my bottle of Fortune Teller on my ceramic tile and the bottle shattered. Polish everywhere - it looked like a polish massacre. So until I get a replacement bottle this is the last time I will be wearing this color. :( This is the first time I have ever broken a bottle of polish, I certainly hope it's the last. ***

This is a hungry glitter so I topped it off with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Color Club top coat.

Do you like Fortune Teller as much as I do? 

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  1. I really want this color! I'm sorry your bottle broke :( That happened to me once with OPI's Teal the Cows Come Home about a year ago and I still haven't gotten a replacement. Hopefully you get one quickly!!!

  2. I've been lemming this for ages!

  3. Oh no! That sucks! Yeah, I had to retire my pumpkin spice with hesitation. But at least I live in a town that has Orange and Black for their football team. So I get to wear Halloween colors whenever I want. Goooo Tigers!!! Good pictures BTW. You made this look really pretty.

  4. Thanks ladies!! I will be getting a replacement soon!!


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