Sunday, October 16, 2011

Orly Velvet Rope

I was originally going to do a different post today but I decided to save it for Tuesday (I will explain why on Tuesday hehe). So, today I have Orly Velvet Rope....this is a gorgeous polish! I have always liked Orly but lately they've turned into one of my favorite brands. Their polish is very good quality, their bottles are a little bigger than most brands (18 ml vs. the normal 15 ml) and they have rubbery caps so you can get them open easily. 

My pictures do not do this polish justice. In the bottle Velvet Rope is a gorgeous red-based purple with tiny, silver glitter running through it. On the nail I see silver and pink shimmer, it's not really a "glitter" but it definitely sparkles! I have to apologize for the tip wear in the pics....I had been wearing this for 2 days before I got the chance to take pics. On the positive side, this is amazing wear for 2 days! And it looked better in person, I couldn't even see tip wear on any finger except my pinky (which had a tiny chip). 

Indoor shots


What do you think of Velvet Rope? I think it's gorgeous!


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